Friday, 20 November 2009

2009 Relay Final Update

Well we now know that this year's Relay has raised the incredible total of £86,000 for Cancer Research UK. The gross figure is more than £95,000. And some money remains to be collected. The total since 2006 now stands at £296,000.

This means that the 2009 Relay was the most successful financially of the four Relays held at the Bannister Centre since 2006. Taking into account the other successes previously reported - number of survivors (67), participants (320), candles (600+), visitors (more than 3,500), the wonderful candle of Hope ceremony, the amazing cancer awareness programme and the sheer fun of the day - we can say that the 2009 Relay was the best we have organised.

Harrow Relay is taking a break in 2010, as several committee members (including Gill and I) have other commitments. But we will be back in 2011 - earlier in the summer in future - and hope to have even more teams and do even better in all aspects. Our financial target will be £150,000. We hope to have our own website for the 2011 Relay that will be up and running in the spring.

So this will be my last posting on this blog. Before I sign off, let me also acknowledge the amazing success of another local Relay, the Canons Relay which took place at North London Collegiate School over the weekend of July 4/5th. Organised by the girls, the event raised more than £75,000 net and was a stunning success as an event - the highlight of the school year. And to crown this, the two co-chairs - Davina and Jahnavi - were awarded the coveted International Relay For Life award for Youth. Gill and I are particularly proud of the Canons Relay as Davina is our daughter, and Gill was the responsible adult for the event.

Bye for now.